Fernandina , Florida Real Estate and Community Information

Fernandina Beach, Florida is a beachfront Nassau County community that is located about 25 miles northeast of Jacksonville on Amelia Island. This location offers access to several popular Florida transportation routes including Interstate 95, The Buccaneer Trail and Florida State Road 200. This location also offers convenient access to many wonderful beachfront destinations that attract thousands of visitors each year.

Fernandina Beach Homes for Sale

beach Most Fernandina Beach homes for sale have been constructed during the last 40 years on spacious lots that offer gardening enthusiasts unique landscaping opportunities. They feature inviting Post-Modernist floor plans that include up to three bathrooms and four bedrooms. They also feature many amenities such as fireplaces, spacious game rooms, restaurant-style kitchens, cozy dens and large basements that offer many exciting interior design options.

Brief Fernandina Beach Community History

Popularly known as the known as the "Isle of 8 Flags," Fernandina Beach has an interesting history that dates back to at least the 11th century when the Timucuan Moundbulders established a settlement called Napoyca on Amelia Island. Their descendants lived in this settlement until they were driven from the area by English soldiers in the 1730s.

Other settlers who have lived in the area during Fernandina Beach's development have included French and settlers who established a series of forts and trading posts during the 17th and 18th centuries. Moreover, a Confederate fort was established in the area during the Civil War that was taken over by Union troops in 1862.

Modern interest in Fernandina Beach homes for sale was established in the 1950s by Jacksonville-area residents who discovered our area's beautiful beaches and fun attractions. This interest continues to grow as more people discover our area's stable economy, affordable home prices and fun attractions.

Popular Fernandina Beach Community Neighborhood Locations

Some of the most popular Fernandina Beach neighborhoods include:
  • Amelia National Parkway and Amelia Walk.
  • Floria Parke and Forrest-Mauncy.
  • Ocean Cay and Ocean Oaks.
  • North Fletcher and North Hampton.
  • Pirates Bay and Plantation Point.

These neighborhoods offer access to more than seven post offices, 50 locally owned stores and nearly 300 locally owned eateries.

Nearby Schools

Most Fernandina Beach parents send their children to public schools that are maintained by the Nassau County School District. The closest schools that are located near Dee Bumbarger include:
  • Southside Elementary School (Pre-kindergarten-second grade).
  • Emma Love-Hardee Elementary School (third-fifth grades).
  • Fernandina Beach Middle School (sixth-eighth grades).
  • Fernandina Beach High School (ninth-12th grades).

Moreover, some Fernandina Beach parents send their children to these private schools:
  • St. Michael Academy.
  • Amelia Island Montessori School.
  • Faith Christian Academy.
  • The Ogburn School

Nearby Colleges and Universities
There are 17 colleges and universities that are located within a 50-mile radius of most Fernandina Beach homes for sale that are sold by Dee Bumbarger. Some of these colleges and universities include:
  • Jacksonville University.
  • The Chamberlain College of Nursing.
  • Southeastern College.
  • Fortis College.

Recreational Facilities and Activities

picnic Fernandina Beach's recreation department operates more than 40 recreational facilities that offer access to a recreation center, several athletic fields, beaches, bicycle trails, boat ramps, picnic areas and fitness centers. These facilities offer access to playgrounds, picnic areas and athletic facilities that are fun to enjoy with your family.

Most of these facilities also offer access to other recreational activities that offer a fun way to stay fit and active. Some of our clients' favorite recreational activities include dance classes, fitness classes and martial arts classes. For current information about these Fernandina Beach recreational activities, please call 904-277-7300.

Outdoor Attractions

Fernandina Beach real estate is located near many fun outdoor recreation attractions that offer some of Florida's most exciting camping, hiking, fishing four-wheel driving and scuba diving opportunities. Some of our favorites include Fort Clinch State Park, Amelia Island State Park and the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve.

Popular Attractions

Fernandina Beach is located near many fun Nassau County attractions. Some of our clients' favorites include the Fernandina Beach Historic District, Amelia Island Lighthouse, Little Talbot Island State Park, Egans Creek Greenway and Fernandina Beach Municipal Golf Course.

Popular Events

The Fernandina Beach area hosts many popular Nassau County events. Some of these events include the Wild Amelia Nature Festival, the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival, the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival and the Amelia Island Festival of Speed. For information about other Fernandina Beach-area events, homebuyers who wish to contact Dee Bumbarger may visit the event website that is maintained by the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council.